Pirate vs. Pirate

Set Up:

  • A 20×20 yard area. 2 players without soccer balls, everyone else in the area with soccer ball each.


  • To improve on controlling a moving ball and using different areas of the body to control the ball.


  • Players with the soccer balls are dribbling around the area, when the coach comes up to them they will pass them the ball and the coach will throw it in the air, the player must then try to control the ball. The 2 players without a ball are pirates and when the coach throws a ball in the air they are allowed to try and control it before the other player; if they get it first the player then becomes the player without the ball.

Key Points:

  • Get body behind the ball so you are not stretching for the ball.
  • Use the correct surface to control the soccer ball.
  • Cushion the ball using a soft touch to take pace of the ball.