Coconut Shy

Set Up:

  • A 20×20 yard area. Place 2 cones with soccer balls on top in the middle. Players should be in groups of 2 with 1 soccer ball.


  • To improve the technique of the push pass while emphasizing the accuracy of the pass.


  • Each group must have a target (soccer ball on a cone) between the 2 players. One player starts with the soccer ball and must try to knock the ball of the cone by passing the other soccer ball and hitting it. If they hit it down they get a point, they must then put the ball back on the cone for the next player to have a go. If one player misses the target it will go through to the second player who then passes the ball trying to hit the target.


  • Move players further away from the target.

Key Points:

  • Place non kicking foot comfortably next to the ball, leave space for kicking foot to move naturally.
  • Use the inside of the foot to make connection with the ball.
  • Connect with ball on the back of the ball directly in the middle.
  • Push foot through towards the target.
  • Keep head steady and looking at the ball.