Set Up:

  • A 30×30 yard area, split into half by a line of cones. Each side has 4 soccer balls on cones (battleships). 2 Teams one on each side of the line. Spare soccer balls.


  • To improve the techniques of the push pass in a competitive environment while emphasizing accuracy and pace of the pass.


  • Each team must stay on their own half (no crossing the line in the middle). They must use the spare soccer balls to knock down the opposing teams battleships. Once a battleship has been knocked down that ball may then be used as well. The first team to knock all battleships down wins. There is no puppy guarding the battleships.

Key Points:

  • Place non kicking foot comfortably next to the ball, leave space for kicking foot to move naturally.
  • Use the inside of the foot to make connection with the ball.
  • Connect with ball on the back of the ball directly in the middle.
  • Push foot through towards the target.
  • Keep head steady and looking at the ball.
  • Judge pace of ball so it reaches the target before a player can block the pass.