Pass Through The Gate

Set Up:

  • A 10×30 area with a gate in the middle, a marker at both 5 yards and 10 yards away from the goal on each side. Two players per area with 1 soccer ball.


  • To introduce players to the technique of the push pass while emphasizing accuracy.


  • Each player starts on the 5 yard line (one player either side of the goal) and they must pass the ball through the gate to their partner. Every time the ball goes through the gate they get a point. Once a player reaches 5 points they must move back to the next line.

Key Points:

  • Place non kicking foot comfortably next to the ball, leave space for kicking foot to move naturally.
  • Use the inside of the foot to make connection with the ball.
  • Connect with ball on the back of the ball directly in the middle.
  • Push foot through towards the gate.

Keep head steady and looking at the ball.