Soccer Heaven

Set Up:

  • A 20×20 yard area. Two goals facing each other on the sides. Split group into 2 teams and number each player in the team 1 thru 4 (if you have 4 players on a team). The Coach has all the soccer balls at the side.


  • To improve the technique of beating an opponent and the technique of shooting.


  • Place the two teams facing each other on the side of the square with their numbers. When you call a number, the players from each team who correspond with that number come into the area where the coach will pass in a soccer ball (Coach Call’s number 1, the number 1 from the blue team and the yellow team play against each other). The players can then try to score in either goal.

Key Points:

  • Use correct shooting technique (non kicking foot next to ball, use laces, connect with back/middle of ball, follow through to target, head steady over the ball).
  • Aim for the space in the goal.
  • Create space by beating the defender or touching the ball out to the side creating space to shoot.
  • Shoot early so the defender does not have time to get ready and block the goal.
  • If the defender is blocking one goal turn and go to the other goal.