Shooting Alley

Set Up:

  • A 40×20 yard area. Four goals with two either side of the area with a cone facing each goal. Spread the goals out so they are not facing each other. Each goal needs a goalkeeper. Players need a ball each and make 4 lines behind the cones.


  • To work on the technique of shooting with a moving ball.


  • The first players at each cone take a touch out of their feet to then strike at goal, once they have had their shot they collect their ball and move onto the next cone. They should keep moving around so they shoot at all four goals. Rotate goalkeepers around so everyone gets an opportunity to shoot and play in goal.

Key Points:

  • Use correct shooting technique (non kicking foot next to ball, use laces, connect with back/middle of ball, follow through to target, head steady over the ball).
  • Aim for the space in the goal.
  • Create space by moving the ball to the side moving the goalkeeper.
  • Shoot early so the goalkeeper does not have time to get ready.