U4-U6 Curriculum

[box style=”approved”]This section provides you with a 10 week program for coaching children aged 4 through 6 years. Each practice has 3 fun games that progress through to a SSG (Small Sided Game). These practices work on the fundamental skills for this age group.[/box]

The main topics we will cover are: Dribbling, Passing and Ball control.

  • We start with dribbling so players can familiarize themselves with the ball and the game while having an enjoyable time.
  • Passing we focus on the technique, speed and accuracy of the pass. This is to start building a good foundation on which they can learn.
  • Ball control is focused on getting behind the ball and controlling a moving ball, again we are looking to set a good foundation on which to build on over the years.

The program has been designed to work on these fundamentals while providing an enjoyable environment for the players to learn. The games are also designed to start introducing players to the concept of team play and the laws of the game. We try to encourage coaches at this age group to let the players discover the game and what they are able to do with a soccer ball.