Program Philosophy


The purpose of the SB4U Soccer Recreational Program is to give all children an opportunity to play soccer in a fun, positive, and safe environment, with an emphasis on age-appropriate development. SB4U has five principles that are shared with US Youth Soccer, the Soccer Association for Youth USA (SAY Soccer), and the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO).

1. Fun Soccer!
Youth play soccer because it is fun!

2. Everyone Plays
All children can register and get a chance to play.

3. Balanced Teams
Teams are balanced to increase the learning experience and opportunities to have fun.

4. Positive Coaching and Sportsmanship
Coaches also maintain a positive attitude and use positive, instructive language. Players must learn principles of good sportsmanship.

5. Player Development (Small-Sided Games)
Player development is emphasized over winning. We support small-sided games, especially for young children, as the best way for players to develop in game situations.