Players who complete U8 should be able to:

1. Dribble

  • Guide the ball straight and to the sides with the insides of both feet, keeping the ball close to the body and looking up as much as possible
  • Do slow controlled movement with personal ball in open space, around cones, between designated lines, and toward a target
  • Dribble against other team players with a target in mind
  • Stop the ball and change direction (left, right, and reverses)

2. Control the Ball 

  • Stop the ball with the insides of both feet
  • Move to meet the ball

3. Pass

  • Kick the ball accurately with the insides of the feet towards a player
  • Pass while moving
  • Combine passes with other players

4. Shoot

  • Kick the ball accurately with the inside and laces part of the feet into the goal 5 to 10 yards away
  • Control the ball and then shoot into a goal (away from the goalkeeper)
  • Shoot the ball into a goal standing still and moving

5. Defending

  • Stop a player from advancing towards your own goal
  • Clear the ball to the side from in front of your own goal
  • Move towards the ball to intercept dribbling and passing from the other team

6.  Other Special plays

  • Throw-in a ball (Be sure to emphasize keeping both feet on the ground)
  • Do a corner kick (Should be a pass at this level)
  • Do a goal kick (Clear wide towards the sideline )
  • Goal keeping ( Clear the ball by throw-ins, under hand roll outs, punting or passing to the teammate)

7.  Strategy 

  • Push ball wide towards the sideline when defending
  • Dribble around players towards the goal
  • Pass to players of the same team